Dash Pad, White, Dye-Able, Ford Pickup 1967-1972

Dash Pad, White, Dye-Able, Ford Pickup 1967-1972

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Don't let your classic Ford Pickup's interior fade away with the damaging rays of the sun! The sun is always there, even on a cloudy day when there's not a sliver of blue sky in sight: Those UV rays are so powerful that they pass through the clouds like a hot knife through butter, like the clouds don't even exist! The dash on your classic Ford Truck is particularly susceptible to those UV rays, because it is set directly underneath the windshield

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Once you get a new dash from MAC's Antique Auto Parts, at the lowest price guaranteed, you'll notice the stark contrast between your faded dash and our brand-new, full-color, fresh dash! These are ready to go into your 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, or 1972 Ford F-Series Pickup Truck as soon as you get them, so get your dashes, interior parts, and all other restoration needs for your classic Ford in a one-stop shopping experience

Sometimes the fading takes so long that you never even notice a dramatic change