Dwyer Pvf-58, Series Pvf & Cpf Pvc Flowmeter

Dwyer Pvf-58, Series Pvf & Cpf Pvc Flowmeter

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PVF-58 Series PVF & CPF PVC Flowmeters, Range 70.0-1750 SCFM Air, 4" NPT Perfect for Compatible Acids, Caustics and D.I

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Optional flange connections are also available.

The flowmeters are available with 3/4 , 1-1/2 , 3 , and 4 female NPT connections

The flowmeters are comprised of all plastic wetted components for maximum corrosion resistance

They are economically priced meters ideal for acids or deionized water making them suited for water amp wastewater treatment facilities

They have a full-scale accuracy of 177 2 and can be disassembled quickly without the meter being removed from the pipeline for easy cleaning

Water The Series PVF amp CPF Flowmeters are heavy bodied meters for corrosives and high purity fluids