Ac85-265V 7W Led Light Sensor Bulb

Ac85-265V 7W Led Light Sensor Bulb

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Features: INTELLIGENT LIGHT SENSOR: built-in photo sensor detection, it lights up automatically at dusk when the ambient illumination is below 15LUX and lights off by itself at dawn when the environmental illumination is higher than 20LUX

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In contrary to other sensor bulbs, it detects daylight from all angles with 360 degree sensors, very sensitive, practical and energy saving.ULTRA BRIGHT utilizes excellent quality LEDs and the illumination area is 20 square meters 5W / 30 square meters 7W with 270 degree illumination angle and 500 lumen 5W / 700 lumen 7W , so it brings your home enough brightness, no more worrying about stumbling in the darkness.LONG LIFESPAN the lifetime of this bulb reaches up to 5, 000 hours, which means rarely replacing LED bulbs.ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY no radiation and mercury free